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Having Problems With Your Swing...?

Recently, have you been having problems with your golf swing? This is common for all golfers from amateurs to professionals. Most golfers focus solely on their swing. While the swing is very important, you should first look at your fundamentals. This is the foundation of your swing. Think……………..BPGA.

Ball position - The position of the ball relative to your stance (the location of the ball between your right foot and your left foot).

Posture - The position that you assume over the ball when preparing to make a stroke.

Grip - The method for holding the club.

Alignment - The direction that your body and club are lined up in the set up position. 

If you are having problems with your swing, sometimes these issues are a result of poor fundamentals. While correcting your fundamentals won’t necessarily fix all your swing flaws, it will give you a solid base from which you can continue to work on your full swing.

Next time you are on the practice range, take some time to check your Ball position, Posture, Grip and Alignment.

Image:Setting up by Shawn Carpenter


About the instructor

Brian Joseph is a Class A PGA of America Golf Professional.  For information about instruction, feel free to visit

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