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UP by Jawbone Know yourself better 24/7

Jawbone wristbands

Regular readers of our mobile tech section would have heard of the company Jawbone -the San Francisco makers of ultra-funky Smartphone accessories such as the wireless headsets ICON and ERA (utilizing military-grade noise-eliminating technology) Well, from Jawbone comes a new truly unique product with the aim of 'making lasting improvements to you everyday lifestyle'. Ladies and gentleman, we give you the UP.  
A system, wristband + app, that tracks how you sleep, move, and eat 24/7 so you can know yourself better, make smarter choices and feel your best.
The design of the wristband is lightweight, simple and beautiful while packed with the latest sensor technology.  The app displays tracks and analyzes Data in a cool interesting and understandable interface, (free to download on all Smartphones) which allows you to Log food and drink by taking a photo, scanning a barcode, or searching the App database to get nutrition info. 

Jawbone wristband

As well as analyzing your own data you can share on your favorite social networks adding 'team members' and share with each other personal goals while adding comments on each others in-App feed.
This amazing technology though comes at a competitive price with the UA costing 12,900 yen. It is now available at the Apple store as well as Major electronic stores in Japan and online at Amazon.

iPhone Jawbone Apps


  • Calories burned, and active vs. idle time.
  • Sleep Mode monitors micro-movements while you sleep to capture total hours slept, time to fall asleep, light vs. deep sleep, number of times you woke during the night, time awake, and time in bed.
  • Silent Smart Alarm vibrates to wake you at the best possible moment in your natural sleep cycle.
  • Set an alert to vibrate if you’ve been inactive for a specified amount of time.
  • Stopwatch Mode times a workout or other activity.
  • Power Nap feature calculates your optimal nap duration from 25 to 45 minutes based on your sleep data, and wakes you with a silent vibration.
  • Remembers up to nine months of data

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