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Snell Golf balls in Japan Big in Japan?

We have all heard the story of the legend that it is Dean Snell, one of the original designers of the PROV1 while at Titleist as well as the Penta and Tour preferred while at Taylormade. Currently Snell holds 38 U.S. Patents in golf ball technology and design.

Snell's mission is to create Tour-spec balls with the technology found in all the big sellers but at a much, much lower price. Creating a stir in the US is one thing, but in Japan- a very fickle and loyal-to-domestic-brands market, how has Snell Golf Japan faired in their first year in the Japan market?
Dean is quoted as saying 'make the game more affordable, without sacrificing performance and technology. I want to bring the best materials, best processes and best performance that fit every golfer and improves their game without breaking the bank. There are a lot of people who won't play tour type caliber balls because they don't want to pay fifty plus dollars a dozen.'

Well, it seems the golfers in this neck of the woods are also digging the new ball as at the time of publishing has completely sold out for the second time since launching in December 2016!

The Performance

We tried both Snell models and were suitably impressed by both, The 'MTB' (my Tour Ball) is undoubtedly tour spec quality, both in design and construction. It features a cast urethane cover, low compression high-velocity core, unleashing distance, while short game performance is also held to a high level and priority.
The MTB model retails in Japan for ¥4,200 per dozen.

Why so cheap?

By utilizing a strategic direct-to-consumer business model, Snell has been able to significantly decrease costs. You also won't find an expensive brand ambassador on the roster, anyone who plays the ball- plays for the performance, with whispers of many pros as well as amateurs alike taking a look and liking the Snell offering.

Both models are available in on Amazon Japan

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