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ProV1 and ProV1X: Which is right for you? Explaining the difference

There is no doubt Titleist are at the top of the golf ball game, and they've once again raised the bar with the latest 2023 versions of the Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls. So does it make a difference which ball you use? Well, yes, actually! It's imperative to recognize that Pro V1 and Pro V1x possess distinct characteristics performance profile for different golfing styles. The question arises: are you a V player or an X player?

To guide you in this we have outlined below what kind of golfer typically thrives with Pro V1, and  Pro V1x?

Pro V1 Players

Golfers who find a match in Pro V1 benefit from its mid-flight trajectory, penetrating descent onto the green, soft feel, and the ideal blend of carry and roll it offers off the tee. Pro V1 accommodates a diverse range of playing styles and various course conditions, making it the perfect choice if:

  • Your shots tend to soar higher than preferred.
  • You seek to reduce spin and attain shots that pierce through the air.
  • Windy conditions pose a challenge for your game.
  • Tee shots do not roll out as much as desired.
  • You favor a golf ball with a plush, soft feel.

Pro V1X Players

Players who align with Pro V1x appreciate its comparatively firmer feel and benefit from the higher flight, increased spin rate, steeper descent angle onto the green, and the optimal balance of longer carry and controlled roll it usually provides off the tee. Pro V1x caters to a diverse array of playing styles and course conditions, making it the preferred choice if:

  • Your shots tend to maintain a lower trajectory than desired.
  • Iron approach shots tend to release more than you'd like.
  • Your game often involves navigating courses with numerous forced carries.
  • Courses you play on typically have softer conditions, limiting roll-out.
  • You prefer a golf ball with a firm feel.

Ball fitting in Japan

If you find yourself uncertain about which golfer category best suits you, rest assured that Titleist provides comprehensive golf ball fitting services to ensure you select the perfect ball for your game. Utilizing cutting-edge radar and flight analysis technology, our experts will provide a detailed breakdown of the distinctions in flight, spin, and feel to match your unique preferences.

For those in the Yokohama area, our Umesato Country Club doubles as a driving range and Titleist Fitting Studio and Store. They have knowledgeable English fitters available to assist you in making the ideal choice. 

More information about Umesato CC:

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