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PING's Latest Game-Changer: The G430 MAX 10K Driver Adventures in MOI

PING has unveiled its latest driver – the G430 MAX 10K driver. Like all new clubs on the market, it is claiming it is the most forgiving and straightest driver it has ever made. But there are murmers from Golf media and certainly from Ping staffers, that indeed, this is the best driver they have ever made, reports are coming out of Cameron Champ hitting it consistently over 350 yards and "straight as an arrow". The big development is the MOI or 'Momentum of inertia'. Lets delve into that.

Combined MOI Exceeding 10,000 gcm²

What is MOI

moment of inertia is the measure of a clubhead's resistance to twisting when a ball is struck away from the sweet spot. This means the higher the clubhead's MOI, the less it will twist and the straighter the ball will fly on a mishit shot. 

As the name of the driver suggests, passing 10,000 The fixed tungsten backweight in the multi-material 460cc head contributes to the record-setting MOI as it drives mass down and back to increase forgiveness and optimize the center of gravity position. That means the head by design lowers spin, and ensures the ball speed stays as high as possible across the clubface which aids distance.

The heavier tungsten backweight (28g) is in part achieved by weight savings of 5g from the carbonfly wrap on the crown, making it conforming yet maximizing the USGA-allowable heel-toe and front-back dimensions, adding to the forgiveness while staying within the 460cc volume limit.

Confidence inspiring looks

The larger, confidence-inspiring head helps square the golfer to the target and produces a less muted and slightly louder sound than the G430 MAX to give golfers a sense of an even, more powerful shot.

The face is also thinner, the shallow face height and variable face thickness (VFT) are optimized for more flexing to ensure faster ball speeds. The face also has a curvature innovation, known as 'Spinsistancy' which helps preserve ball speed, even on mis-hits. 

Available in Japan at ¥93,500 (Tax Included)

The G430 MAX 10K driver, available for custom fittings and pre-order at authorized PING golf shops worldwide, will be offered in Japan at a price of ¥93,500, inclusive of taxes. Golf enthusiasts in Japan can experience this game-changing driver at an attractive price point.

The G430 MAX 10K driver, is equipped with these specially crafted shaft options:

  • ALTA J CB BLACK: High trajectory shaft exclusively designed for Japan, offering an optimal launch angle for added distance and precision.

  • PING TOUR 2.0 CHROME: A medium trajectory shaft perfect for a firm, controlled ball flight.

  • PING TOUR 2.0 BLACK: Ideal for touring professionals seeking a low trajectory for maximum distance and precision.

  • FUJIKURA SPEEDER NX 35/45: This lightweight shaft is designed for increased clubhead speed and higher launch, providing an effortless yet powerful swing.

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