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The Most Sought After Golf Club in Japan for 2024 Mizuno Pro 241 Masters Limited Edition

There is someone in Mizuno who is a marketing genius, maybe just a complete Otaku (geek), but a genius Otaku at that.

So the idea is simple: let's take their current iron- the fabulous Pro 241 model, and make a limited edition Masters series with it, let's brand it with the Masters logo, and make it in green by giving it a nano-coating mirror finish, and put in a sick Green Masters box. Only available at their stores in Japan. Simple, but surprisingly effective.

And people have just gone bonkers for them. I mean bonkers. Reports of guys sleeping outside of the Mizuno shop in Kanda are not exaggerated. The sad thing is I don't think anyone will play one of these clubs (only a very limited amount will be made) it's like the rarest of Jordans, or probably the rarest wine (Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Grand Cru 1945 - in case you were wondering) that you would never even think of drinking. Right now someone is selling a set ( that they won't even receive until March) on E-Bay for about ¥1,500,000! That's X6 more than the sale price, and you know it will triple that before the Masters! 

So get them while you can....well, you can't as they are sold out, but something tells me we will see more of this from Mizuno; The Open? The Players perhaps? Stay tuned.

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