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For the last few years and two previous releases, Taylormade’s P790 iron has been the biggest selling iron in Japan. This month the new P790s have been released,  so what’s different for this year’s model? Well, a lot actually, and having had them for a few hours in the range and on the course, here is what we found.


When compared to the 2019 model there have been some cosmetic changes particularly to the back of the club, a more matte finish to the iron giving it a luxury feel, and a chrome stripe through the center making it look quite smart indeed.

First impressions at address; the club is not as shiny as the previous version, again with that brushed matte feel, and the blade of the club is slightly longer than the previous model, inspiring more confidence. A carbon steel body with a forged face, which is 1.5 mm thick, is incredibly thin with speed foam behind, increasing the ball speed.

In the sole we have the familiar speed slot, which keeps ball speed high on those low-on-the-face strikes.

The top of the face looks to have a slightly wider topline which makes it look more solid, and again, offering more forgiveness for the mid to high handicappers, different from the P77s  which has a more thin top line aimed at lower handicapped golfers.


We know there was foam in the original club, and there still is, but now it’s called 'Speed Foam Air'.  The difference in this model is it’s 69% less dense than the original foam, making the club about 3 1/2 grams lighter. The carbon body is also thinner, saving even more weight. Yet the tungsten in the head is actually heavier with 31 grams, and that’s a huge difference when compared to the 2019 model which just had 13 grams. This weight is distributed in the bottom of the club which offers more forgiveness and essentially offering a more consistent strike.


The first thing you will notice when striking the club is that it feels solid, unlike other irons with a hollow head , the sound of the P790s is more deadened, eliminating vibrations and giving a more positive feel and response through impact.

I was getting some decent club head speed, playing with the standard Modus 105 stiff Shaft. I could notice gains particularly with off center shots, the tungsten allowing me to get pretty decent height and performance. Distance wise, I was seeing gains, particularly in the longer irons which were about 10 yards+ longer than my current clubs.

I think players with the 2019 P790 irons will notice a difference, and I think mid-handicappers will certainly notice the difference on consistency and performance.


The P790s come from 3i all the way to Approach and gap wedge, available right and left-handed in Japan.

The retail price for a set (5i-P ) is approx ¥1,089,000

Available at Taylormade Japan Online and at all reputable retailers.

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