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Puma Golf Brand Puma - a relatively new global golfing debutant

Puma Golf

As a brand, Puma is relatively new on the global golfing scene, having debuted its first products a mere four years ago. 

The giant sports maker, known more for its ties with the football (soccer) world than golf, is making a bold and serious play for the world golfing market following its acquisition of Cobra Golf from Fortune Brands earlier this year.

Puma has, however, won many fans, particularly with younger generations of women golfers who align themselves with Puma's chic, young and funky image.

Shrewd marketing has also played a major role in the brand's rapid ascent. Puma signed 24-year-old Ricky Fowler and, more recently, 15-year-old Alexis Thompson as brand evangelists. In the huge Japanese market, the company has signed Hiroyuki Fujita and Miho Koga, respective winners on the men's and ladies' Japan tours this year.

Puma's real mastery is evident in the combination of savvy designs with state-of-the-art technical know-how. They are also the "greenest" of all golf makers, using ecofriendly organic and sustainable materials, and reducing their carbon emissions, energy usage, water consumption, and waste output by about 25%.

Spring | Summer Men's

Puma golf Spring | Summer Men's

Puma's Spring/Summer Collection sees tight-fitting men's button-down shirts reminiscent of 1950's America (¥16,800), as well as new plays on traditional plaid graphics (¥8,925), both combining modern colors and the super-easy breathable materials for which Puma is renowned. These offering clearly respect the past while connecting firmly to the future.

Spring | Summer Women's

Puma Golf - Spring | Summer Women's

This hooded and collarless ‘Parker’ top (¥15,970) features a bold and shapely design inspired, no doubt, by Puma's Running Department, and portraying a marked departure from the conventional. The more traditional Polo design (¥8,925) remains the top seller, coming in a variety of easy-coordinating colors and also available with matching tennis skirt or trousers.


Puma golf Shoes

Puma is known best, of course, for its footwear, and fans will find all of the company's know-how and visual sense in their offerings for golfers. Even professionals not on the official endorser list are sporting Puma shoes for their fantastic colors, great support and super lightweight designs.


Puma Golf Accessories

Puma's belts might even give Anthony Kim pause. Flashy and perhaps not for the more mature golfer, the Dot Graphic belt (¥9,450) pictured here is nevertheless a hit.

Puma's sunglasses are certainly hip, another direct product of the Running Dept., but you might not want to leave them in your golf bag if you want them to last!

Puma also produces custom golf bags in a range of funky colors. Pictured here is the Cat EVO white bag. Get one customized with your name stitched into it for only ¥5,000 extra (at selected stores only).

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