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Schauffele Receives Keys To The City of Las Vegas

World No. 5 Xander Schauffele enjoyed receiving the Keys to Vegas from mayor, Carolyn Goodman on Tuesday in recognition of his gold medal winning feat at the Olympic Games in Tokyo this July. He is keen to win THE CJ CUP after finishing second when it was played at Shadow Creek, also in Vegas, last year. “I'm pretty excited to sort of get back into the competitive swing of things,” said Schauffele.

“Apparently it (keys to Vegas) gives me all the power in Vegas, so I'm pretty excited about it. I can go to slot machines, any hotel I want, shopping, the whole nine yards. The mayor was telling me all the perks of it, so feeling pretty powerful as of right now. It's been cool. My in laws live here in Las Vegas. It's a place I visited a lot prior to living here and I feel quickly adopted by the state of Nevada and happy to call myself a Nevadian.”

Apart from the gold medal, Schauffele was also part of the winning Ryder Cup team but admitted his season on the PGA TOUR was far from satisfactory despite finishing fifth on the FexExCup standings with three runner-up finishes. “I feel not that I failed on the PGA TOUR season, but I didn't really accomplish what I wanted to. And I did get worse in certain categories throughout the year, but I was able to step up to the plate in sort of, I guess, tournaments that don't count for the PGA TOUR, or to a certain extent, I should say. It's an interesting feeling. I feel like I've had success, but then again I missed out on a lot of things that I wanted to accomplish on the PGA TOUR.”

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