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Ryutenmon at The Westin Tokyo The biggest gastronomic attraction for Tokyoites whose demand for exquisite food and chic surroundings is as legendary as the city itself

Ryutenmon at The Westin Tokyo - Long Tian Men

Michelin-starred Ryutenmon at the Westin Hotel Tokyo in Ebisu remains the biggest gastronomic attraction for Tokyoites whose demand for exquisite food and chic surroundings is as legendary as the city itself.

Chef Keimei Chin’s reputation for bold yet delicate Canton-style cuisine has had people flocking to the restaurant for over a decade. The backdrop to this culinary treat is the beautiful Westin Hotel Tokyo. A gold-adorned and plush-carpeted staircase takes you from the lobby to the second floor, where the gates to superb Chinese dining await. The interior avoids gaudiness yet invokes the grand atmosphere of a classic Hong Kong restaurant.

The Fare

Dim Sum

Ryutenmon's menu is extensive, featuring a truly diverse selection of Hong Kong-inspired Cantonese cuisine. We start with an assortment of cold cuts. The barbecued pork succulent, juicy and sweeter than what you might expect from "cha-shu" pork. The roast duck is tender and full-flavored, and the steamed chicken plays its part in creating a trio of appetizers perfect for a hot summer day.
Taking a cue from diners near our table, we next sample the steamed dim sum, including an excellent combination of scallop and spinach, followed by vegetable and sharks fin. The pastry is light and full of flavor. The pan-fried dim sum is also exceptional, with the rice flour dumplings crunchy and aromatic. The spring rolls, by which I judge every Chinese restaurant, are piping hot and with a taste reminiscent of the Chinese New Year: lively, colorful and fun.
We move on to a dish made especially for lovers of mushrooms. Ryutenmon's steamed vegetables bring together the subtle and unique flavors of eight varieties of mushroom under an umbrella of winter (white) melon. Every element of this dish complements the others to create culinary harmony.
Next comes the mandatory (for me) chili prawns, large and at just the right level of spicy to enjoy without spoiling the next course. The melt-in-your-mouth "wagyu" (Japanese beef) sirloin in oyster sauce deserves a special mention for its preparation. Quick immersion in boiling water activates the juices and accentuates the tenderness of the meat, which is then returned to the pan to be cooked to perfection.
It would be hard to surpass that beef in oyster sauce. I am not sure if our last course can do it. This is the spicy cold noodle soup. It caught my eye the moment I saw the menu. I love a steaming bowl of "tan-tan-men" in the winter, but cold? The experience is little like that of the hot version, but it is excellent in its own right. The colors are brighter and the spices sharper yet less lingering on the tongue. Cold spicy noodles are definitely a hit for Tokyo in the summer.
To cap this feast, we select the grapefruit, tapioca and mango in coconut milk. Sweet, yet not cloying, cool and refreshing. The perfect end to an idyllic meal.
And this is the lunch menu!
Ryutenmon at The Westin Hotel
Address: 1-4-1 Mita, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-5423-7865
Lunch 12pm-3pm
Dinner 5pm- 11pm

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