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Italian fine jewelry brand "FOPE" has opened its first flagship store in Japan, "FOPE GINZA," marking a significant milestone for the brand. Nestled amidst the opulence of Ginza, where luxury brands reign supreme, FOPE GINZA will captivate discerning shoppers with its understated elegance, becoming the brand's third flagship store in the world, following locations in Piazza San Marco in Venice and Old Bond Street in London.

Amidst the towering buildings that define the vibrant cityscape of Ginza, FOPE GINZA stands out with its new elegant two-story white building, housing FOPE's finest creations and representing its inaugural flagship presence in Japan.

"I am thrilled and proud of the opening of FOPE’s Japan flagship store in our third year in the market. It brings me immense joy to open the store alongside my family and the future generations of the Cazzola family," said Umberto  Cazzola, FOPE Chairman.

Spanning approximately 100 square meters, the bright and inviting interior of the store showcases elements inspired by Italian architecture and design. The façade features Venetian Terrazzo in light colors, with separate panels arranged in a pyramid-like structure, reminiscent of the facades of Renaissance palaces. At night, retro illumination installed between the panels softly illuminates the building and its surroundings.

Inside, the store is divided into three areas reminiscent of Renaissance humanistic architecture, separated by three arches. The open atrium at the entrance welcomes customers with an abundance of natural light flowing through two glass windows, serving as a welcoming space. In the center, there is a spacious customer service area where customers can try on FOPE's collection at their leisure.

Further inside, a VIP room is available for private viewing, and on the second floor, a chic café allows customers to further enjoy the ambiance and offers a unique experience when events are simultaneously held on both floors. Witness the enchantment of FOPE GINZA illuminating the Ginza landscape and captivating jewelry enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike.


FOPE Ginza

2 Chome-4-5 Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0061

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