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Locating The Sweet Spot On Your Irons Get more consistant with your ball striking

There is no better feeling in golf than a pure golf shot, connecting the center of the club face or ‘sweet spot’. In contrast, there is no worse feeling in golf than hitting a thin, chunked or the dreaded shank shot! Consistently hitting the sweet-spot will have you pure-ing your irons and giving you the confidence to be a better iron player.


Where is the sweet spot?

Hold your iron with the face open and drop a ball onto it, you will recognize the sweet spot when it springs off the face, this is the point where the metal is set to have its optimal flex and responsiveness. 

Usually, the sweet-spot is located in the center of the club sometimes slightly to the heel. The best way to locate it is to use some impact tape during practice and record where the ‘best feeling’ shot struck on the club face. After that it’s a lot of practice and repetition, going through each club to identify and try and repeat hitting the same location. After a round where you were striking your irons badly if you head to the range with impact tape you can usually identify the problem quickly -i.e. hitting it close to the toe etc. and make adjustments accordingly…. Sweet!

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