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Getting Your Body Alignment Right Start With Good Fundamentals

If you are hitting a lot of shots offline and struggling with your consistency, try taking a look at your alignment.  To align your body properly, your feet, hips and shoulders should be square (parallel) to the target line.  You should imagine two lines running parallel to each other.  Railroad tracks should be something easy to envision.  The ball is on the outside track (target line) and you are standing on the inside track with your feet parallel to the outside track. Dont' forget your shoulders should also be in line with your feet, and also your hips.

Top Tip

Next time you are on the practice range, choose a target.  Set up as you normally do, but then have your friend hold an alignment stick up to your feet, then step back and see where you are actually pointing. repeating this with the hips and shoulders to see if they are square (parallel) to the target line.  As you cannot bring an alignment stick onto the course with you its best to consistantly practice this alignment drill on the range so that it becomes second nature, hopfully this might cure some of your offline shots.

Best of luck!

About The Author

Brian Joseph

A PGA of America Golf Professional

Based in Tokyo, Japan. 

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