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Tracking your shots with Shot Tracer

You may have seen some videos posted on SNS from friends recently, with their ball flight being tracked with a red line, like something you would see on the Golf Channel. Well, in case you don't know -- it's all from a new App ‘Shot Tracer’ available for iPhone and iPad.

Simply record your golf shot, mark the landing spot and the app does the rest using patented computer vision technology. It will trace your shot from the beginning until the end and, after that, it’ll save into your phone's gallery ready to review. 



As well as the shot tracer line the App also measures distance using GPS and you can add club information, entering results into digital score card which is also customizable.


Trace your golf shots on a 3D map on over 30,000 golf courses. 


See your golf swing in strobe motion- broken into separate frames, allowing superior swing plain analysis.


Ball Tracer makes your ball flight clearly visible on short shots. It does so by generating a strobe motion video sequence of the the actual ball flight.


This is the Shot Tracer for putting! This app feature generates a strobe motion effect of the actual ball roll.

Wrap Up

The Shot Tracer app is available for iPhone and iPad through the App Store for a price of ¥840.

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