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Titleist Introduces Its Next Generation Of Golf Balls Three New Models Released to the Japan Market

Titleist, a company renowned for dominating the golf ball market with both Pro V1 and Pro V1X models, has announced the simultaneous release of three new golf balls into the Japan market: The new AVX, Tour Soft, and TrueFeel model balls.

Aiming to cover a wider spectrum of golfers, the new lineup has something for everybody in terms of feel, performance, and price point, bringing the total to seven different ball offerings.

Let’s take a look at each ball’s information:

Titleist “AVX”

The new Titleist AVX golf ball has been re-engineered from core to cover to increase performance on every shot, delivering longer distance tee to green, more greenside spin and control, and an even softer feel.

The new AVX builds upon its unique combination of exceptional distance and extraordinary feel through advancements to every layer of the golf ball:

  • New high gradient, high-speed core delivers longer tee-to-green distance and an exceptionally soft feel.
  • New thin, high-flex casing layer provides lower spin on long game shots.
  • New 346 quadrilateral dipyramid catenary dimple design allows for a more piercing ball flight.
  • New softer urethane cover delivers a softer feel and more greenside spin for excellent short-game control.
    (Japan release date: March 2, 2024) ¥6,930 per dozen

Titleist “TOUR SOFT”

Faster core technology and a reformulated cover system drive improved all-around performance in the new Titleist Tour Soft golf ball, providing golfers with longer distance off the tee and increased spin into the green – with an exceptionally soft feel off the club face:

  • New faster, large core delivers faster ball speed for more distance off the tee, incredible soft feel, and low spin on long game shots.
  • Reformulated thin Fusablend cover provides dependable greenside spin for excellent short game control.
  • 346 quadrilateral dipyramid dimple design offers an efficient aerodynamic package and optimized ball flight for long distance.

“Golfers who tee up Tour Soft are looking for a soft feel and performance throughout the bag,” said Jeremy Stone, Vice President, Titleist Golf Ball Marketing. “Every change we made to new Tour Soft gives players a better golf ball from tee to green.”
(Japan release date: February 9, 2024) ¥3,960 per dozen

Titleist "TrueFeel" Golf Ball

The new Titleist TruFeel, the next generation of the softest Titleist golf ball, is designed to provide long-distance and increased greenside spin and control – with an ultra-soft feel on every shot – through advanced core and cover technologies:

  • New TruTouch core combines long-distance and fast ball speeds with a very soft feel off the club face.
  • Softer 3.0 TruFlex cover delivers increased greenside spin for more short-game control.
  • TruFit aerodynamics give golfers a penetrating, low ball flight and long distance from a unique, spherically tiled 376 tetrahedral dimple design.
    (Japan release date: February 9, 2024) ¥2,640

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