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5 Unusual Experiences for Your Trip to Tokyo See the city from a new perspective on one of these terrific tours

Mizuha boat tour sumida river at sunset

Tokyo is the most amazing place in the world. Food, culture, fashion, natural and urban landscapes — Tokyo has it all. No wonder the city boasts around 4.81 million foreign visitors and 420 million Japanese visitors every year. Tourism is a major industry in Tokyo and the metropolis seems to have countless offers on what to do, eat, and see. However, despite all this variety, most people seem to end up doing the same things. If you’re here for a golf trip and also to visit Tokyo and don’t want to end up with the same vacation photos as everybody else, we have you covered! Or perhaps you are a Tokyo veteran ready for some new adventures? Either way, here are 5 unusual experiences to try in Tokyo.

1. Mizuha Boat Tour

Captain and First Mate of the Mizuha cruising boat

Enjoy an exciting boat tour around Tokyo's Nihonbashi and Tokyo Bay areas with Riverboat Mizuha. Named after the Japanese goddess of water, Mizuhanome, the modern Edo-style riverboat accommodates up to 12 people. The enjoyable river cruise will take you past some of the most famous landmarks of Tokyo, including Nihonbashi, Tokyo Skytree, the Rainbow Bridge, and Tokyo Tower.

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2. Tokyo West-Side Cycling & Food Jaunt

bikes and street food in Koenji Tokyo

Join your host Andy on his Cycling & Food Jaunt through the neighborhoods of Nakano, Koenji, and Asagaya. Andy is a Japanese chromoly bicycle enthusiast who will take you on an intimate cycling, walking and food adventure through West Tokyo. During the 4-hour tour you will be able to taste various popular local snacks, cycle along the picturesque Zenpukuji River and have lunch at a typical Japanese cafeteria.

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Photo: by Danny Choo cc from Flickr

3. Arigato Food Tours

back street food tour

Are you a foodie? Then Arigato Japan is your new best friend! Offering a variety of food tours through Tokyo, (also Kyoto and Osaka) this service will make your food dreams come true. The All Star Food Tour takes you from Yurakucho and Ginza to Shimbashi and will show you all the flavors Tokyo has to offer. More into pop culture? Try the Crazy Kawaii Food Tour through Harajuku - cuteness and craziness guaranteed. Other Arigato Japan highlights include a tour through Shinjuku's Golden Gai, a Tsukiji breakfast experience, and the Shibuya Street Food tour.

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4. Kintsugi Experience

a tradition of golden repair for Japanese pottery

If you're interested in the traditional side of Japan, this experience is for you. Kintsugi is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery using a lacquer substitute mixed with gold. This family-friendly workshop in Tokyo invites you to use the technique to experience this Japanese traditional craft. During the 60-minute lesson you'll get to wear the traditional craftsman's garb and later take home your Kintsugi art piece as a unique souvenir.

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5. Lolita Fashion Experience

If you or someone in your family is a fan of Japan's "kawaii culture", Harajuku is a must-see. You won’t have to look for long to find a Decora, Gyaru, Lolita or other Harajuku fashionista. But did you know you could actually become one of those cute Lolitas yourself? At the Lolita Experience in Harajuku guests get to pick an outfit, have their hair and makeup done by a professional artist, and have a professional photographer capture the kawaii transformation in a fairy-tale-themed studio.

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Try something off the beaten path!

Whether you want to see Tokyo's famous attractions from a new angle, experience local neighborhoods on the saddle of a 'mamachari' bicycle, eat your way through the city, learn a new-old craft, or transform into one of Tokyo's most iconic pop culture icons, the city has it all on offer. Get ready -- and have an unusual experience in Tokyo!

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